Light and Sound Show

Every evening there is a spectacular display of history and events related to the city of Delhi in the form of light and sound show organized at the Red Fort. This has become a major tourist attraction at this place as the show brings back the life to the history surrounding the Red Fort. Department of Tourism, Government of Delhi puts special efforts to enchant the crowd with this beautiful and well planned show. History is displayed at this show right from the times of Pandavas when Indraprashtha was founded with the mention of likes of Druapadi, Prithviraj Chuahan, Sher Shah Suri, Razia Sultan, Humayun, Bahadur Shah Zafar and the era of British. Red Fort Delhi Light and Sound Show has been a attraction point for the audiences from a long time and has enthralled the people who come to see the show with the tale of the Delhi city, rise and fall of empires & emperors and all this melodrama combined into a streamlined show.


Red Fort Delhi Light and Sound Show is a one hour spectacle shown in Hindi & English language with a half an hour gap in between the two shows in an evening. The show has been timed pleasantly in the evening with timing adjusted forward or backward by and hour or so according to the season. The entry ticket is also suitably priced at Rs. 60 for adults and Rs. 20 for children on weekdays and Rs. 80 for adults and Rs. 30 for children on weekends and public holidays.


The royal ambience of Purana Qilla combined with the modern technology and special effects makes the show a one of its kind and the audiences are made to feel like they have travelled in time and reached those old times as displayed in the show.  Specific features of the fort are related and credited to the specific ruler at the throne of the fort at that particular time, e.g., the towering walls and the huge entrance are related to Sher Shah Suri and so on. The show was started in October 1996 and has been a huge success since then. The show is seen as the connection of modern times with the old times of Mughal era and other rulers who took Delhi to realms of high status and made Delhi the corridor of Power. Tourists coming to Delhi follow this show with mach fanfare and zeal round the year.

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