Khas Mahal

During Mughal times, Khas Mahal was served as the private residence of the Mughal emperor in Delhi. This structure is found inside Red Fort in Delhi and it is a very huge complex.


There are three parts in it: the baithak (sitting room) or the wardrobe (tosha-khana), sleeping chamber or khwabgah and the telling beads chamber (Viz-tasbih-khana). White marbles is used and is carved inside. It is vibrantly painted by using colorful decorations of floral. The ceiling of Khas Mahal is partially gilded. The surface of the marble was carved by using the justice scale (Mizan-i-adal). It is Mughal art’s very important item. The scale that was used was justice emperor’s depiction.


Towards Khas Mahal, there is a projecting tower towards its eastern side and it is known as the Muthamman Burj or Octagonal Tower. The subjects of the emperor were addressed every morning during the ceremony that is known as Jharokha Darshan.

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