Independence Celebration at Red Fort

Observed as one of the most celebrated annual national festival, Independence Day celebrations on the 15 August commemorate India’s independence from the British Empire on 15 August 1945. It is the National Holiday in the country. The country had attained its independence from colonial British rule after continuous Independence Movement that largely remained nonviolent resistance to attain freedom on the basis of civil disobedience which Indian National Congress (INC) led along with other political parties and freedom fighters. With the independence of this country it was also partitioned into two to become India and Pakistan under British Indian Empire plan based on religious line division. This partition also brought mass casualties and violent riots besides the displacement of approximately 15 million masses once sectarian violence erupted. The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru raised the national flag of India on Red Fort Delhi above the Lahori Gate on 15 August 1947. The prime ministers are constantly raising the flag besides addressing the nation on each subsequent Independence Day since then.

Besides auguring the flag-hoisting ceremonies national holiday is observed throughout the country on that day. Citizens of the country display national flag in different forms from displaying in their attires to using on accessories to listening to the patriotic songs and even planning to watch any patriotic movie to bond with family and friend in seer happiness while they celebrate this important day in the country. Several books and films often feature partition stories and other stories which are related to country’s independence as narrative tales. Often militant organizations or separatist groups threat terrorist attacks before or on 15 August but sincere security arrangements are done.


One of the three national holidays in the country is Independence Day in India besides rest two that include the Republic Day celebration on 26 January besides birthday of the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi on 2 October. These celebrations remain important in each and every Indian state and union territory in India. The President of India “Addresses to the Nation” through his speech on the occasion of republic Day. The Prime Minister hoists the national flag on the historic Red Fort ramparts in Delhi on 15 August every year. The solemn occasion is honored through the twenty-one gun shots firing. Country’s Prime Minister therefore highlights the achievements of the government on this occasion through delivering a speech. It is an occasion that many issues of national interest and strategies for future development are also brought into focus. The Prime Minister also pays his tribute to those leaders who had fought incessantly for country’s freedom during the independence movement. Singing of country’s national anthem "Jana Gana Mana" remains another notable event. Soon after the end of the speech marching of Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces divisions remain other notable attractions. Most parades or pageants held there are to present the glimpses of the independence struggle scenes and to project how diverse are the cultural traditions of this country. All state capitals witness similar such events where state Chief Ministers unfurls national flag and parades and pageants follow thereafter. 

Both Government and non-governmental institutions in all parts of the country continue the flag hoisting ceremonies on this occasion. Such scenes are also in the schools and colleges where flags are hoisted besides organizing various cultural events to portray the diverse culture of the country. One can witness the strings of lights in major government buildings adorned on this occasion. Kite flying remains an attraction in Delhi and many other cities of India as an additional attraction on this special occasion to celebrate. With an aim to symbolize the allegiance to the country national flags of various sizes are abundantly hoisted or used on this occasion. The replicas of tri-colors can be seen in the clothing, wristbands, cars and household accessories of citizens adoring such stuffs to showcase their allegiance. Since last several decades the nature of celebration has transformed from nationalism spirit to celebrating India in broader sense.

It is worth noting that the Indian diaspora enjoys the celebration of Independence Day in almost all parts of the world through organizing parades and pageants in areas that has ample immigrants from India. 15 August has already become “India Day” in many world cities including New York and rest cities in the US where such diaspora sees participation of Indians as well as other local masses. Adjoining weekend day or the 15 August remains the occasion for "India Day" pageants celebration.

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