Gates in Red Fort

As main gate to the Red Fort famous Lahori Gate had been named due to its orientation towards that city in undivided India. Addition of bastions in this gate during Aurangzeb's rule literally spoiled the beauty of this gate. Once Shahjahan explained this gate "the veil drawn across the face of a beautiful woman." For years Indian Prime Ministers would have made a speech from its rampant on every Independence Day of the country since 1947 until recent decades.


Delhi Gate


The southern public entrance of this fort is named Delhi Gate whose appearance and layout is similar to that of the Lahori Gate itself. This gate differentiates with its two life-sized stone elephants located on either side of this gate facing each other here. Though demolished by Aurangzeb earlier they were renewed by Lord Curzon in the year 1903 during British rule.


Water Gate


The southern end of the fort has a minor gate and is famous as Water Gate at the end of the walls here. Once upon a time it used to be on the riverbank but due to the river having changed its course now it doesn’t face river anymore although its name has still not changed.


Chhatta Chowk


Famous Chhatta Chowk is located at a place nearby Lahori Gate of Red Fort. It was a famous place during the Mughal period where silk, jewelries and numerous other items meant for the imperial households were brought for sale. There is an open outer court nearby that bazaar at a place that is an intersection of large north-south streets. It would once divide the military functions of this fort from the western side to the eastern one where palaces existed. Delhi Gate is located at southern end of this famous street.

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