Delhi Gate

Delhi Gate in Delhi is located towards the entrance of Red Fort and it is found on the southern wall of the fort. This gate has got this name from the name of this city. Lahori gate is the primary gate and it is very much similar in the appearance.


Under the reign of the emperor, Shah Jahan, it got constructed. There is a barbican of 10.5 m high facing towards west made by Aurangzeb.


There are three stories in the building that are decorated with cusped, rectangular and square arched panels. The panels are hanged by semi-octagonal shape towers which are crowned by 2 open pavilions of octagonal shape. The gate is made of red sandstone and the pavilion roof of the gateway is of white stone. There are miniature chhatris screen between the 2 pavilions with 7 small marble domes. The wall has been encompassed by flame-shaped battlements.


After 1857 in September, towards its right was the imprisonment of the emperor. There are 2 stone elephants kept in between the outer and inner gates stand without any riders by Lord Curzon. There are cantonment and gardens of Daryaganj located on the southern side of the fort’s old cemetery. The latter part of the fort is bounded by the bazaar of Faiz towards the west of Delhi Gate.

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