Chhatta Chowk

Chhatta Chowk has a market or bazaar and it is a very long way of passage, situated in Delhi’s Red Fort.


Behind Delhi’s Lahori gate is the market Chhatta Chowk which is set up within an arched shaped passage. It is also lined up with flats of 2 stories that are having 32 shops in the form of arched bays. During the reign of Shah Jahan, Chhatta Chowk was considered very exclusive and it specialized in the trading goods such as precious stones, gems, jewelry, silverware, god, velvet, brocades and silk catering to almost all the luxurious choices of the imperial households.


Chhatta Chowk has translated its name into English which meant “covered bazaar”. The history of the market lies from 17th century. The market was inspired from Shah Jahan’s already seen marketplace he saw in 1646 in Peshawar.


This market is Mughal architecture’s unique example in where the bazaars were open-air typically. As a result, formally the bazaars were famous as Bazaar-i-Musaqaf having a saqaf that means ‘roof’.


During 20th century, the arches of the market were walled and the original appearance of the passage was lost. The ceiling of the place was originally very colorful. There are still plans made to restore it.

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